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If your roofing is showing other symptoms of ageing or discoloured, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to displace it. There are techniques to repair and restore your roofing which are equally as effective and a whole lot more economical. At Gutters and Adelaide Roofing , we help homeowners from the Adelaide area expand the lifespan of their roofs during our roof restoration services.
We maintain high quality standards in supplying skilled roof recovery, roof paintingand roofing repairs and roof cleaning.
We provide the following services:
  • Roof Tiling
  • Roof Restoration
  • Ridge Capping
  • Roof Fixing
  • Roof Recolouring
  • Roof Coating
  • Roofing
  • Roof Care
  • Roof Conditioning
  • Metallic Roofing
  • Gutters
  • Leaf Guard Installation
  • Roof Sealing
  • Roof Spraying
  • Roofing Repairs

What is Roof Restoration?

Has your roof seen better days? Does your roof look in bad shape? Does your roof leak?

If your roof is needing any job, there may be a much far better alternative than roof repairs or roof replacement that can conserve the life span of your roofing minus the trouble of a complete roof replacement. One option which gives you the advantages of not only a roof that’s safe and weather proof, but will make your roof appear fantastic, will be a roof recovery. Roof Restoration is the process of repairing, cleaning and re-coating a roofing. Roof recovery is helpful for almost all kinds of roofs including Colorbond Galvanised iron, Decromastic, Terracotta tile and of course Concrete tile.


  • Replace All of damaged Shingles and Tiles capping.
  • Inspect and revive most of flashing (if necessary).
  • Find and repair any reported leaking.
  • Remove any encircling items from the workshop to reduce damage i.e. cars, outdoor furniture
  • Water blast cleaning to remove all dirt, moss and lichen from the roof.
  • Rinse downpipes, gutters and paths of almost any debris and grime.
  • Re-bed if needed and repoint all ridge capping with flexible pointing chemical.
  • Seal Roof with roof sealer/primer.
  • Spray roofing with two coats of roof membrane of one’s favorite colour.
  • Cleanup work area and remove any waste.
  • Available on 6 spare tiles, petition and two liters of membrane are made for future usage.


Concrete roofing tiles require periodic maintenance and may additionally require coatings during their lifetime. Over time that they be porous and can gradually lose their luster. The ideal method to over come this would be to have a complete roofing restoration. This will retain the roof looking new without any issues. If your roof necessitates roof repairs, re-bedding or even repointing of this ridge the pros at Adelaide Roofing and Gutters can fulfill all your restoration needs.


Restoration of a metal roof is a complex process and requires cleaning, repairing and re-coating. A metallic roof including as Colorbond iron and trimming deck can be installed or restored.
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  • Heal any rust and corrosion Places, by Employing a Rust convertor
  • Fix any Sheeting where rust is Outside repair
  • Fix any Loose or Muddy Screws or Nails
  • Pressure clean the Roofing and Clean up any mess
  • Employ a metal primer, such as a Zinc Phosphate primer coat
  • Employ Two Top-coats of a god roof membrane into your choice of colour


  • Helps to Create Your House completely weatherproof.
  • Makes your home more secure in waters.
  • Drastically enhances the design, street appeal and value of your residence.
  • Safe set of normal tap water in the roof .
  • Roof membrane offers protection, durability, colour retention and weather proofing.
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Your roof uses up around 50 percent of your homes exterior and it is completely exposed to the elements. Due to weather that the roof is put on overtime and a daily basis through situation this will have a toll on your roofs capacity to keep out the elements. Having your roof revived by Gutters and Adelaide Roofing are certain to get back your roof upto standard, keeping out the elements and leaving you with peace of mind.


Adelaide Roofing and Gutter’s Roof Restoration hasbeen applying quality roofing coats and restoration job . Over this time around, we have accumulated appreciable knowledge of latest technologies, materials and products. Together of Adelaide’s very experienced roofing coaters, we are able to offer recovery and the finest roof coating for the home or business construction.
  • Adelaide Roofing and Gutters strive for perfection and also the end result will possess your roof looking as though it had been installed yesterday.
  • Nobody can match our expert, honest advice and experience
  • We are experts having years of knowledge in all kinds of roofing we know the most effective options for the dwelling
  • We don’t conduct patch projects and quick fixes.
  • Our roof review covers it from identifying loose, broken tiles & gutters, moss, lichen and water damage, damaged flashing, valley & ridges, pointing/bedding and broken/damaged tiles to repair
  • We get it done on time, on budget, without a fuss
  • We fix the inherent difficulties and future proof your own roof.
  • We abandon your home in immaculate condition
  • We promise a perfect job


Roof Restoration Prices and Costs depend on the Type of work your Roofing Requirements. We give you a quote that is genuine and will assess the situation of your roofing. Our rates are mended with no hidden charges or surprises. We provide competitive rates with all the best quality. We’ll try to save lots of your money just as much as possible.
What exactly are you looking forward to Call us today, we’ll get your Roof Restored at almost no time!!!
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